“There is another sun and a very advanced civilization that lives in the center of the Earth”

The interior of the earth is a subject that has given much to talk about and has been extensively discussed by conspiracy theorists, who as always have the notion that the interior of the earth is a hollow space inside and follows Being object of study for the scientific community since the 18th century.

Hollow Earth theory The fact that the Earth is hollow has been mentioned several times in various works of fiction, and it has always been said that reality always surpasses fiction, does not it? … Well, we do not even know it yet. The only thing we know is that the theories say that there is a giant opening located in the north pole, that connects with the interior of our planet, having even photos taken from the space that circulate by Internet and that demonstrate it.
It is also said that there is another sun within our planet, and there are scientific theories that explain how everything works. They have even given a new explanation of how the Earth was created. They claim there is a civilization that lives in the interior is super advanced
There are also reports of people saying that they served these beings that live inside the Earth, they say that they are peaceful and committed to helping the humanity that lives above them.
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