What are some famous UFO sightings?

Roswell New Mexico’s 1947 UFO crash ranks among the most famous and influential UFO sightings. Other well-known UFO events include the Phoenix lights incident of 1997, the airship sightings of 1896-1897, and the Betty and Barney Hill abduction of 1961.

In 1947, Roswell farmer Matt Brazell notified the military of metallic debris found in his field. After rumors of a UFO saucer crash, the military quickly disregarded the debris as a downed weather balloon. Many doubt the weather balloon claim, and this single event helped spark a UFO craze.

The Battle of Los Angeles was a famous incident witnessed by hundreds. In 1942, witnesses reported a gigantic aircraft hovering over the city. Glowing in search lights and hit by rounds of artillery from the Army’s 37th Coast Brigade, the unharmed craft continued to slowly glided across the Los Angeles sky before disappearing over Long Beach.

Known as the Phoenix lights incident, numerous witnesses in 1997 reported a massive triangular-shaped craft with glowing lights silently floating over Phoenix, Arizona for about three hours.

In 1986, JAL flight 1628 had an enormous UFO fly alongside it for 50 minutes over Alaska. Seen by the flight crew and all passengers, both air and ground radar also picked up the object.