Flaming UFO lights up skies over Devon for three hours

A ‘flaming UFO’ has been spotted soaring above Exmouth in Devon.

At least that’s what this musician claims he saw shortly after 1pm on Wednesday.

According to Mark Emmins, the oval-shaped luminous object appeared in the sky and remained there for about three hours.

His friend, Tyron Osborne, snapped the rare sight as the pair looked on in amazement, convinced it was a UFO.

Posting pictures online, Mark wrote: ‘Today for the second time in my life I can honestly say that myself and my neighbour watched a UFO.

‘It was stood still in the sky for some hours and then decided to move and then vanish. We got photos too.’

The object, which is most likely not a UFO, was initially dismissed as a star, but Mark insists he later windows on it.

He said: ‘If you look closely you can see what appears to be windows. I have never seen anything like this.

His post led to dozens of people speculating at what it could be (Picture: Tyron Osborne/Facebook)

‘As for believing in aliens, I’ve always thought we are not alone in the universe and hoped to see something that would make me believe they would visit us.

‘I didn’t expect it to actually happen.’

Mark believes the object came from the US after he noticed it was traveling east from Dawlish.

His post led to dozens of people speculating at what it could be, with most people saying it was probably not a UFO.

Wendy Seaman wrote: ‘Looks like the Enterprise. Are you sure it wasn’t a satellite, one goes over about 4ish daily. When its a clear day you can see it clearly.’

Paul Oxenham said: ‘It could have been someone’s drone.’

But Steph Pommier wasn’t going to put it off that easily, writing: ‘UFOs have been spotted since the beginning of Man. Just accept it. We cannot know nor control everything.’