Do full moons really make us crazy?

Humans have long believed that there is a connection between a full moon and erratic behavior, but there is no scientific proof that this is the case. Even though no real evidence exists of the moon’s crazy-making powers, many continue to believe that the two things are connected. This is known as “illusory correlation,” in which people imagine that they see a logical connection where there isn’t one.

This illusory correlation may be bolstered by the historic and mythological belief that a full moon changes human behavior in one way or another. Still, some believe that full moons are accompanied by events that can be verified by statistics, such as a rise in suicides or the occurrence of epileptic seizures, but there is no documented evidence that this is actually true.

Scientists have discredited studies that try to show a link between the moon’s phase and a particular set of human behavior. In actuality, the moon’s powers of persuasion seem mostly limited to its impact on earth’s ocean tides, which are heavily influence by the moon’s gravitational pull.