The science community is working feverishly to discover the origins of an unknown species, found and killed by a farmer in Ukraine. Only trying to protect his livestock, the farmer killed the creature under the possible belief that it was a Chupacabra. The Chupacabra, an unknown and seemingly alien species reported to have been sighted all over the world, is a vicious and cunning carnivore. It’s darker, twisted fox-like appearance, allows the Chupacabra to sneak into the herds of livestock almost completely unnoticed. Although they are said to be a smaller species, the Chupacabra has been reported and described as a much larger lifeform as well. Some reports place it larger than German Sheppards, or Wolves. Another constant description from those lucky enough to see or even catch this elusive alien like species is that the Chupacabra can, in fact, drain the blood from its victims, in order to overpower it. The Chupacabra that was killed in the Ukraine was found in the farmer’s barn. The farmer was searching for the beast that was killing his, and allegedly many of his neighbors, livestock including goats, chickens, and pigs. All of the livestock that was found dead had apparently had their blood completely drained from their bodies. These reports are worldwide, coming from many places including Puerto Rico, Chile, and even the United States. Scientist and Veterinarians who were able to examine the body recovered in the Ukraine, have confirmed years of lore and hundreds of tales and legends. They have not only confirmed its existence, but its unearthly origins, and features. And while DNA test has not yet been confirmed, the search is on for more of these creatures throughout the globe. Not only in the fascination of course, but in fear as well. The Chupacabra might not only pose a threat to livestock but to humans as well as it is unknown what diseases they may carry. There are also rumors of this alien like species feeding on humans, although none have been confirmed. Or publicly released. Hopefully, as the search continues for the Chupacabra, we can discover more information, answer hundreds of years of questions, and perhaps save lives.