The cameras on board the international space station record a huge amount of footage from cameras placed at various points on its exterior, crew members also often film themselves inside while carrying out tasks. Alien believers think that some of this footage captured recently has shown what appears to be an alien craft.

Samantha Cristoforetti is one of the residents of the space station, and she filmed a seemingly standard video, demonstrating how the window shutters worked in her bedroom on board the station.
After it was uploaded to YouTube, alien theorists were quick to analyze the video and noticed what they think are alien crafts that can be seen moving to and from the earth in the background.
The team to first post the claims to the internet was Secure Team 10. Member Tyler Glockner posted the claims and said that the group is almost certain that UFOS have been observed in the video. He dismisses the possibility that the items may be space rubbish, or debris from destroyed satellites and says he can prove this.
This is one of the more scientific alien sighting videos that has been uploaded to YouTube, and Glockner and his team make claims that are certainly believable in many respects.
 There have been other anomalies in the video recorded by the ISS, and there have been several instances where the live feed was pulled from the internet after the appearance of objects.
The infamous black knight satellite, the alien spacecraft that many believe to be in our universe appear to have no solar panels in the footage, so theorists are stating that an advanced propulsion system must have been developed by the alien race.