Is this proof of life on Mars? NASA rover discovers a large SPOON on the Red Planet’s surface

  • The large utensil was spotted on the planet’s surface by a NASA martian rover
  • It is the second similar object to be found on planet’s surface recently

Alien enthusiasts believe they have found an exciting clue in the ongoing search for life on Mars – a spoon.

Footage from a NASA rover appears to show the large utensil on the Red Planet’s sand-like surface.

It is the second ‘spoon’ to be found on Mars in recent years, with believers claiming it could be proof of developed life on the planet.

Other objects such as rings and gloves have also been found. 

The video was first noticed properly when it was uploaded to YouTube by the UFO Hunter account, with the description: ‘There is a giant spoon on Mars! This thing is amazing! Probably left over from a lost civilization’

And some users were amazed at the discovery – one said: ‘Wow, it could’nt possibly be natural, could it.’