Everyone knows something about aliens, some believe in their existence, others do not. It seems, however, that their existence is confirmed, and the more they communicate and have contracts with different organizations and countries.

Pope or Vladimir Putin confirmed the existence of these unearthly beings, but have not even told all about it.

“There’s still time to provide widespread public is not an information consumer. That information is like a supermarket somewhere in a shop window and someone comes and organizes. For the general public that’s just drops. Says Pope something, then someone else says. slowly desesensibilizează man and prepares to receive the higher dose of information. the Americans already have desecritizat documents relating to aliens, contracts with them.

Russian special services presented overwhelming evidence not only of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, but also about the fact that America is ruled by a race of aliens since the middle of last century.


“The aliens really exist,” said Alan Turner, aged 64, retired service commander RAF (Royal Air Force) in the UK. The Englishman says that in 1971 witnessed the emergence of a whole fleet UFO but that, so far, the British Ministry of Defense forbade them to talk about this, announcing several British publications.

Former commander led radar system of the RAF for 29 years and decided to break the silence after several years in which I was forbidden to talk about “so-called” state secrets.

“Aliens exist. All radars military vessels have been observed since more than three decades ago. Time since 1971, though, the most terrible of all. 35 unidentified flying objects appeared on radar army, objects of identical size flying at altitudes between 1,000 meters and 12,000 meters. We did not have explained what they were, nor why disappeared from the screen for a few seconds to appear in the same place. All present knew that it’s not a convoy of military aircraft and there are more than 30 witnesses who could support my statements, “mentions Alan Turner.

The phenomenon recorded in 1971 that mysterious evening has not been made public so far and is part of the UK UFO files to be declassified. Alan Turner was awarded several times, the last time in 1984, and was retired from the army in 1995. His statements were deemed “outstanding” by most British journalists.

“It would be the greatest proof of arrogance to imagine that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe”, he wanted to conclude the same Alan Turner.

CIA DISCLOSED THE TRUTH ABOUT UFOs that flew over the sky in the 50s and 60s US

US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announced on Twitter that is responsible for at least half of the appearances of “UFOs” in the 50s and 60s.”Reports of unusual activity in the sky ’50s? We were “the company said. The document is attached to a message CIA declassified a report about testing a U-2 spy plane at altitudes of 18,000 meters.

Half of the cases of UFO apparitions were actually times when the aircraft was tested at high altitude. Specifically, people at that time would have thought that such an experiment is possible, and put everything on account of unidentified flying objects.

FBI remaining unnamed sources had stated recently, according to US media, that since the ’40s, thousands of UFO had landed on American soil, and there are documents to that effect. Because the American public does not find out by visiting extraterrestrials after reporting, the President acquainted, and then immediately paperwork and evidence were burned.

Soviet Ministry of Defense has been working on a secret project to create a being with superhuman powers, paranormal, with the help of aliens.

Alexei Savin, a lieutenant general in the reserves, was the “chosen” to bring this history to light. Savin worked in the Soviet Ministry of Defense, is a graduate of the Academy of Natural Sciences. He said some journalists from Pravda that paranormal activities had entered straight in the Soviet army and KGB in 1983, when Secretary of Defense then allowed the training of soldiers for missions paranormal, such as identifying military targets by means extrasensory prediction accidents, rapid healing of wounded soldiers etc. In December 1989 (exactly when Gorbachev bothered to replace communist regimes totalitarian some with a human face), was founded Special Unit 10003, by order of the Chief of Staff, General Mikhail Moiseev, having only ten officers paranormal, the best of those trained . They managed to contact an extraterrestrial civilization after there were several UFO sightings in the area of training of Vladimirovka.

Vasili Ieremenko Major General and Professor Emeritus of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement, was the first who addressed the press on the subject. In Soviet times, it was a KGB officer and oversee aerospace technology. “I learned how to call these UFOs in Vladimirovka. It was enough to make massive movements of troops and transport equipment. In such cases, appeared 100%. After six months of testing were drawn three conclusions: that modern science can not identify this phenomenon, as might have been sophisticated equipment reconnaissance belonging to the US or Japan and, three, that could be an impact of a civilization alien, “said Ieremenko. General Alexei Savin comes Ieremenko completes his testimony. Namely that “encouraging” UFO experiment was part of the special unit 10003. The first experiments were aimed at finding ways to improve brain activity in certain circumstances. The Scientific Council concerning this program was headed by academician Natalia Bektereva who, until her death, was the scientific director of the Research Institute of the human brain. “In the research we concluded that the man is an energy-information system that captures information from outside cognoscibility” says General Savin. To identify these “external sources”, were created three groups, one of the researchers, soldiers second and third … women! This third group made the most discoveries in the field, developing special psychics. Bosses urged to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. “And I did it. We have developed a method based on brain activity. Rather, we managed to bring the brain to a certain frequency, which allowed him to be on the same wavelength with an extraterrestrial civilization, “said Savin.