Photographs released by NASA, taken by the Curiosity Rover, have strengthened claims that there are signs of life on Mars, to the joy of extraterrestrial chasers everywhere.

The image release by NASA, appear to depict an amphibious, reptile-like creature standing atop the NASA Curiosity Rover droid which is currently performing exploration of the Red Planet. The droid is taking snaps and sending them back to the team here on Earth.
UFO hunter, Scott C Waring, said: “This little lizard was holding on for dear life on the Mars Curiosity rover’s camera.” He also went on to describe the similarities between what he believed to be the pictured creature and “one type of dinosaur” that previously inhabited the Earth, millions of years ago.
 Opinion, however, is very much split on this controversial and oft-debated topic.
 The most common theory for debunking ‘sightings’ is that they are the effect of a phenomenon known as pareidolia – a trick that the brain plays on the eyes to make us see familiar objects in everyday textures, such as rock’s surface.
Indeed, Scott Brando, who runs the myth-busting site, was happy to declare that “All I see is a rock!” 
Claims of life on Mars are nothing new and, for every believer, there is a skeptic – and this is not the first time, recently, the topic of alien life has made the news.
As recently as January 2017, The Sun reported a man had claimed alien abduction and, furthermore, the alien lifeforms had revealed various secrets to the universe.
Similar conspiracy theories abound all corners of the internet doing nothing to slow the interest in this topic – though this latest ‘reveal’ by NASA (in particular, the clear photograph was taken by the Curiosity Rover droid) will have alien-chasers drooling over the possibilities.