Chemtrails are called lines that for aircraft remains are a few kilometers long and after a while formed was usually swell and last for several hours in the sky and feel and create artificial clouds and artificial cloud. These lines certainly do not create any weather or other physical effects in the atmosphere. I also wondered a long time thinking, there were some signs, but after examining you, I personally think it has nothing to do with phenomena in the atmosphere. Chemtrails are simply dusting of people. These are substances that are added to aviation fuel, or deleted with a magazine placed only in purely chemtrail planes. Of those bins me personally not so sure, and I think it rather added to aviation fuel.

What is the purpose of chemtrails? The official reason, that reason presented to people, what it involved, the fight against global warming. There is even a patent that describes the discharge of certain substances into the atmosphere of the earth, that reflect ultraviolet light back into space and prevent warming. Unofficial sources say that we are vaccinated and powder.

Thus indeed they do have with us what they want. Therefore, suffering and so many people suffering from health problems because what suits them to desert. People get various diseases are tired, irritable, depressed, etc., and these causes are also attributed to chemtrails. Just cause health problems, allergies and the like. the entire population of this planet. I can quite well imagine what it would be if all mankind were healthy and what it is now that of the trillions of dollars of business. I dare say that something like this as people were dusting for pharmaceutical companies dirt cheap compared to what profit they receive. Also chemtrails can be used as so-called. binary weapon. I say Example: To tap substance I let you drink, nothing will happen yet, but that stuff you have in your body. Through aircraft I fuss a substance that will have the primary substance for something like, say, run and get swine flu.